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Inspire yourself

It's not always easy to wake up and feel inspired. Sometimes life has a funny way of testing us. Whether it be your financial, emotional or physical state, one of these seems to always try to get int the way of our general well being. When I first started doing physical therapy the days were gruesome to say the least. I found a team of well equipped professionals that were there to help me 24/7. When it was finally time for me to leave them I told one of my physiotherapists that i didn't know where I would find my inspiration to continue in my physical rehabilitation alone. He told me you are your inspiration. You have had it all along, the inspiration you need is inside of you, is you. Use it now to inspire yourself. And yet how could that be? How could I possibly continue with out my team?

Often we get so caught up in our situations we are convinced that we cannot get out of them without the help of someone. What if I told you that everything you have is inside you. Everything you need you have inside of yourself to help your current situation. You only need to believe in it, believe in yourself.

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